Welcome to SK Bollywood

Meet the talented key members of SK Bollywood. We may come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience but our shared passion for fusion dances unites us. We are never happier than when performing together sharing the SK Bollywood spin on Indian dance culture


Shaleen - Director

Welcome! my name is Shaleen and I am the Director & Choreographer here at SK Bollywood. My love for all things dance began at the age of four, six years ago I decided to turn my twenty year long love affair into a career, launching SK Bollywood as a platform for me to share my passion for fusion dance and express myself creatively through choreography.

I have studied the art of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Hip Hop, Contemporary, belly dancing and Bollywood. I like to think this broad experience helps to set the choreography of SK Bollywood apart as we fuse these forms together creating something quiet unique while at the same time ingrained with traditional sensibilities. 

I love what I do and cant wait to share it with you!



I got into dance through my passion of music and traditional Indian arts. I have always admired Bollywood dancing through film and tv from a very young age and appreciated the beauty that came from it. I have always loved being on stage and entertaining others, hence my passion for dance was made.



Shania is a classical Indian fusion dancer with ongoing training in Bharatanatyam, Bollywood and hip-hop. Her dance training began at a very young age and over the past years she has trained under various gurus and dance schools such as, Jayalukshmiy Kandiah (founder of Natanalaya Dance Academy), Janani Beadle (founder of Indian Dance School), Ratna Sarves, and more throughout Sydney, Australia. For two years, she taught intermediate and senior Bollywood at AHMA School of Language, Arts and Culture. Additionally, Shania has performed at various cultural charity events, like the annual Liverpool Diwali celebrations, as well as private events. Shania is currently a member of SK Bollywood and continues to share her passion for dance via social media. Above all, Shania believes that dance is therapeutic and limitless.



Started dance in primary school and did ballet and kathak before moving into Bollywood!

Interesting fact: performed at an NBA game while on exchange



Dancing is something I love and have been doing it ever since I can remember. I've done contemporary/modern, jazz, hiphop and bollywood dancing. Let's just say I can't even sit still in a chair or stand straight, cause if you know me im always dancing anywhere and everywhere! It's an illness!



A shy nurse with some moves up her sleeves. Dancing to bole chudiya since the day I began to walk. Just move to the beat and express yourself!



I have been dancing since I was a young girl, from contemporary, jazz, ballet and tap dancing to Bollywood dancing and professional performances. I’ve also enjoyed all types of sports and played netball professionally for 8 years!

We are always looking for new talent, if this is you please drop us a line @ or call Shaleen

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